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Daasy, Marketing & Social Media Tools

Daasy is a startup founded in 2016 whose main activities are Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence, Social Network management and price comparison for e-commerce.

Daasy is an acronym of:
Acquisition and

Daasy Tools is a group of marketing and business intelligence instruments created with the aim of making your website grow and improve your sales. Our platform is componed by several specific tools for e­commerce and blogs. With these tools you will be able to insert your products in our price comparison, manage your social network and execute tasks of Marketing automation, among other useful services. Our products allow you to define, to automate and to monitor your marketing strategy as well as to increase the efficency of your campaigns and to obtain a quick increase of your incomes. This is a Beta version of Daasy Tools thus some services might not be operatives.

Big Data 80%
Machine Learning 70%
Natural Language Processing 50%
Business Intelligence 60%
Social Media 80%
Marketing Automation 90%
Cloud-Oriented Architecture 100%

Some available tools:

Price comparison site

Allow your sales to grow,
insert your products on Daasy, It's free!

Daasy is a price comparison site that helps your customer to find the best price for the desired product, enabling to save time and money.
Daasy already has a database with more than 100 millions of products and it keeps growing day by day. What are you waiting for? Join our network. It is easy and free and you will be able to manage the publication of the products from your catalogue and promotions with a complete autonomy. But Daasy is not only a price comparison tool. We will provide you with other useful tools for your marketing campaign. Discover how can Daasy contribute to your business.

Insert your web right now!

Some advantages that you will get:

The registration of your company is easy, in a few minutes it will be completed. Afterwards, we will guide you into the process of products insertion, in few steps and in a simple way.
Do you already have a data feed that you are using in other price comparison sites? Then you can use the same feed without creating any other specific one for Daasy. You can import the data feeds that you have already available for Twenga, Google Shopping or other systems. You can always use the Daasy Tools's feed of products if you need other data that are not supported by already existing feeds.
More visibility, a quick access from the customers to your products = more sales.
Today we are present in 5 countries: Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. We are currently preparing our website for entering in 10 more countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America.
Our tools will help you to save time and to improve the efficiency of your work. We want to be your support to grow, your essential partner.
We are a new Startup that progresses quickly. We already generate hundreds of thousands of visits every month with a steady increase. Do you want to grow with us? Take advantage of this opportunity of giving the best positionning to your products.

Daasy Social Tool for e-commerce

You will easily publish your products in the social network.

With Daasy Social Tools you can, with a simple click, send the products of your e-commerce to several social networks. As soon as your feed of products will be loaded, you will be able to navigate through your catalogue and easily send your publications. You can also create scheduled sendings to the social network of your products lists or publications. You must only choose the amount of publications, the time for the sending, the products categories, etc. Easy, don't you think? Start saving time with our service. Register your company right now for free in the Basic version.

What does Daasy Social Tool for e-commerce offer?

You can use several accounts from social networks to plan your marketing campaigns for your e-commerce. This service is already avaible for Twitter and it will be soon available for the main social networks.
You can create your template for an automatic writing of your messages: define your filters for the products selection (prices, categories, promotions, etc), the sending time and the amount of daily sendings.
You can create your template for an automatic writing of your messages: define your filters for the products selection (prices, categories, promotions, etc), the sending time and the amount of daily sendings.

Daasy Social Tool for your blog

Tweet or publish on Facebook automatically.

With Daasy Tools you will be able to share automatically your blog posts directly on Twitter or other social network. Synchronizing your blog with Daasy Tools is quick and easy. Do you want to automatically publish on your social networks news coming from external sources and related to your interest topics? With Daasy Tools you can insert several news sources and publish interesting contents automatically, saving time in the posts management. In addition, you will be able to manage multiple accounts and to create an editorial plan with the automatic publishing of posts coming from several sources RSS to various accounts. You must only specify the days and times and create the messages models. We will send them in the scheduled time. Try now our service, the Basic version is free!

Main characteristics

Quando scrivi un nuovo post sul tuo blog, Daasy Tools in automatico invierà un messaggio sui tuoi account nei Social Network che preferisci. Così non dovrai perdere tempo ad entrare in ogni Social e riscrivere il messaggio. Nel messaggio verrà inclusa una immagine del tuo Blog.
You will be able to insert news RSS feeds related to your blog content and set the filters up in order to publish automatically only the posts or news that contain the keywords you are interested in.
You can use several accounts from several social network to plan your marketing campaigns. This service is already avaible for Twitter and it will be soon available for the main social networks.
Our tools enable you to schedule the message sending as a single message or creating lists of messages with specific sending rules. Afterwards, leave it in our hands, we will efficently deliver them!

Why is it so interesting to use Daasy Tools?

Daasy Network

Thousands of e-commerce sites are already present in Daasy. Register your e-commerce right now for free!

More than 100 million products!

We have more than 100 million products in our database. Don't wait any longer to bring your products to this big market. It's free.

Presenti in 5 Paesi!

Siamo già presenti in 5 paesi nel mondo, e stiamo preparando lo sbarco in altri 10 paesi, in Asia, Nord e Sud America.

Social Network

Because our tools will easily help you in the communication of your e-commerce or blog with social networks. Discover our range of services and choose the one that is closer to your needs. You can start using them with the Basic service package, for free.

Marketing automation

We are preparing powerful instruments of Marketing Automation that will help you in your advertising campaign and the user's segmentation management as well as in preparing personalized e-mails and products recommendation.

Cloud-Oriented Architecture

Our systems have been designed to work on Cloud systems highly scalable, able to support high workload peaks.

These are some of the tools that we use to develop our systems: